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Digital free chlorine sensor
Memosens CCS51D

Memosens CCS51D: Digital free chlorine sensor ©Endress+Hauser
Memosens CCS51D digital free chlorine sensor installed in CCA250 flow assembly with pH sensor ©Endress+Hauser
Memosens CCS51D free chlorine sensor with adapter for installation in CCA250 flow assembly ©Endress+Hauser

Memosens converts the measured value to a digital signal and transfers it to the transmitter without a contacting connection. This video shows how Memosens optimizes process control and maintenance.

Memosens sensor for drinking water, pool and process water as well as utilities in all industries

Memosens CCS51D is a robust, low-maintenance sensor for free chlorine. It provides high-precision measurement with long-term stability in drinking water, pool and process water and ensures consistent disinfection monitoring even at low water volumes. The free chlorine sensor features extremely fast response times guaranteeing efficient process control and safe processes. Thanks to Memosens digital technology, CCS51D combines maximum process and data integrity with simple operation.


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  • Edut

    • The right sensor version for every application: From trace measurement up to free chlorine concentrations of 200 mg/l.

    • Fast response time (t90 < 25 s) provides an accurate process view and enables prompt reaction to process changes as well as efficient...

  • Käyttöalue

    Memosens CCS51D is a free chlorine sensor for skid builders and end customers. It measures reliably in:

    • Drinking water - to ensure reliable disinfection

    • Food - to guarantee food safety and provide hygienic packaging and bottling

    • Utilities - to detect...

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  • Mittausperiaate

    Free chlorine

  • Application

    Ensuring reliable disinfection in drinking water
    Process water
    Dosing disinfectant efficiently in pool water
    Detect the absence or presence of free chlorine in Utilities
    Guarantee food safety and provide hygienic packaging and bottling

  • Characteristic

    Amperometric measurement of dissolved free chlorine

  • Measurement range

    Trace: 0 to 5 mg/l HOCl

    Standard: 0 to 20 mg/l HOCl
    High: 0 to 200 mg/l HOCl

  • Measuring method

    Closed, membrane covered measuring cell
    Reduction of free chlorine at the cathode

  • Design

    Closed amperometric 2-electrode measuring cell with PVDF membrane

  • Material

    Sensor shaft: PVC

    Membrane: PVDF

    Membrane cap: PVDF

    Sealing ring: FKM

  • Dimension

    Diameter: 25 mm (0.98 inch)

    Length: 161 mm (6.34 inch)

  • Process temperature

    0 to 55 °C (32 to 130 °F), non-freezing

  • Process pressure

    Max. 1 bar (max. 14.5 psi)

  • Temperature sensor

    10k NTC integrated (Memosens)

  • Connection

    Inductive, digital connection head with Memosens

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