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Equipment returns

Return equipment with our professional and safe process to minimize turnaround times

Whether for repair, calibration, troubleshooting or modification, equipment returns at Endress+Hauser follows specific guidance to ensure your request is managed efficiently, and returned items are handled according to local regulations.


  • Register requests via a convenient and simple process

  • Follow simple steps to facilitate a speedier returns service

  • Enable secure handling of your device to an Endress+Hauser workshop

How to reduce repair, calibration or trouble-shooting times

Step 1: Contact your local sales representative or call us at the number below.

Step 2: Fill COSHH form regarding the usage environment of the device. Fill out at least the device identification information, process medium and contact information.

Step 3: Pack the equipment, attach COSHH, and ship the equipment to the address mentioned below. If the shipping is agreed to be carried out by Endress+Hauser, please return delivery information form and COSHH to us and we will have the item collected.



    Equipment return form: COSHH and delivery information

    As a certified company and, due to legal regulations, when receiving returned products we require the 'Declaration of Decontamination' to be completed.