Supply chain management software
SupplyCare Enterprise

SupplyCare SCE30B ©Endress+Hauser

Enterprise inventory management platform for transparent information within the supply chain

The SupplyCare inventory management platform supports users in collaborative demand planning, event-driven replenishment planning and scheduling as well as the reconciliation (in/out) and consolidation (totaling) of geographically distributed inventories. You can involve partners from all entities and even from different companies to make your supply chain smarter. The enterprise version is installed on your server infrastructure.

  • Benefits

    • Improves demand planning and lowers your inventories

    • Enables business processes such as Vendor and Supplier Managed Inventory (VMI, SMI)

    • Complete solution from inventory measurement and data acquisition to integration in your business processes

    • Worldwide...

  • Field of application

    • Monitor product stock in your tanks and silos at your desk or on the go using web browser technology

    • Assign warning and alarm limits as well as theft detection to all monitored inventory data

    • Send or receive e-mail notification, e.g. that...

Features and specifications



  • Measuring principle

    Inventory Management Solutions

  • Application Task

    Data acquisition

    Data management

    Process monitoring & visualization

  • Field of Application

    SupplyCare Enterprise SCE30B is a web-based operating program for the indication and monitoring of levels of e.g. tanks and silos spread all over the world.

  • Operating systems

    Windows 7 (Professional 64) SP1

    Windows 8 (Pro 64)

    Windows 8 (Enterprise 64)

    Windows Server 2008 (Enterprise 64) R2 SP1

    Windows Server 2012 (Standard 64) R1 & R2

  • Processor type

    4 cores, 3 GHz or better

  • Main memory

    8 GB (free memory)

  • Hard-disk capacity

    50 GB for full installation, depending on database size

  • Monitor resolution, display

    1280 x 800

  • Other

    SupplyCare Enterprise runs by default in an Apache Tomcat-environment on an application server as service under Microsoft Windows. The operators and administrators operate the application via web browser from theirs desks.

    Graphics: The minimum requirements do not take into account the requirements for the server operating system or other applications (e.g. antivirus software) installed on the server. The actual requirements and product functions can depend on the system configuration and the operating system. The requirements for the hardware will depend greatly on the desired number of users, failsafe performance etc.

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