Liquiline: cutting-edge transmitter platform

Transmitters, analyzers and samplers for future-proof plant design and safe operation

Liquiline is the ideal platform for all liquid analysis applications and forms the basis for our state-of-the-art transmitters, analyzers and samplers. The uniform operation across all products offers convenience and ease of use and protects your process from operating errors. Liquiline’s standardized components optimize your spare part stock and so provide significant cost savings. Better still, our Liquiline products can be easily expanded for full flexibility in the future.



  • Uniform operation for convenient, efficient and safe operation.

  • Automatic sensor recognition speeds up commissioning and minimizes process downtime during sensor exchange.

  • Standardized, easily-expanded components for reduced stock holding and long-term availability of spare parts.

  • Provides all the benefits of Memosens digital technology such as safe sensor signal transmission, increased availability of the measuring point and plug & play with pre-calibrated sensors.

  • Seamless integration into every process control system (PCS) via 0/4...20mA, HART, PROFIBUS DP, Modbus TCP, Modbus RS485, EtherNet/IP, Webserver.

The Liquiline platform is based on Memosens digital technology. In just one turn you can quickly connect your Memosens sensors with your Liquiline transmitter and within seconds it automatically recognizes the sensor type and reads the information stored in the sensor. This plug & play set-up speeds up your work and minimizes process downtime during sensor maintenance. Furthermore, many Liquiline devices including analyzers and samplers can operate multiple Memosens sensors in any combination.