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From equipment supplier to R&D partner

Endress+Hauser customized a SWAS solution for Alfa Laval’s steam systems for ships and power plants

Endress+Hauser and Alfa Laval Aalborg developed a steam and water analysis system (SWAS) that meets their clients’ needs. The solution is currently showcased and in use at the Alfa Laval Training Center in Rauma, where Alfa Laval’s Finnish and international clients can come and see it.

SWAS ©Endress+Hauser

A customized solution for the shipping industry

  • In addition to individual components, Endress+Hauser offers solutions to various

  • The SWAS panel customized for shipping company clients measures and ensures the operation and durability of Alfa Laval’s heat recovery system

  • The partnership facilitates long-term cooperation, collaboration, product
    development and delivery

  • Endress+Hauser offers guidance in the use of the equipment through training and webinars, in addition to offering support for documentation and certificate management

“The new Training Center is an action-oriented learning and testing environment – practically an entire heat recovery boiler system in miniature. All of the solutions offered to clients can be found under the same roof. The Training Center also features a wider range of measurement instruments than at a normal power plant,” says Business Development Manager Taneli Ruohola from Alfa Laval Aalborg.

The SWAS panel measures water and steam quality, such as their pH value, direct and indirect conductivity, and the oxygen content of supply water. Ruohola boasts that the SWAS solution is an excellent addition to Alfa Laval’s product range, allowing the company to offer a comprehensive solution to its clients.

“Previously, we had to order and install individual meters separately. The SWAS system can be easily integrated into a water and steam system to provide added value to the process and quality monitoring and to ensure our equipment’s reliable operation and long service life.”

Monitoring water quality is one of Endress+Hauser’s areas of special expertise, and it supplies SWAS solutions to water treatment and power plants around the world. The modular, scalable and easily retrofitted panels are suitable for use in applications such as water treatment and power plants or as part of the steam and water circulation in the paper industry.

SWAS utilizes Memosens technology, which ensures reliable digital data transmission between the sensors and the panel. It is also possible to integrate an SMS control system into the panel to inform operators about upcoming maintenance and help them anticipate maintenance needs and costs.

“These are important selling points when it comes to our shipping company clients. Anticipation is especially important in the shipping industry because the ships must be kept in operation without long and unexpected interruptions for maintenance,” points out Ruohola.