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Ensure food safety in your production

Food safety is not only an obligation, it is crucial to your brand and profitability

A large part of the world's population relies on others for its food supplies. This is because food today is usually no longer obtained from one's own farms, but rather purchased in retail stores. To ensure a safe food supply chain, food producers and their partners must implement safe production policies and procedures that comply with food regulations and standards. In this way, food safety and public health can be assured on a global scale.

Our Offering

Endress+Hauser help you achieve your food safety goals by designing and producing reliable, proven in use instrumentation that meets or exceed global standards and regulations for hygienic design. Our food safety approach relies on four main pillars:

  • Design and construction of food processing equipment using proven hygienic standards and practices

  • Easy and efficient cleanability even in harsh environmental conditions

  • Use of food grade materials

  • Compliance with food safety regulations, quality standards and HACCP concepts


Hygienic design prevents food contamination

Producers within the food industry must be diligent and continuously review the production equipment to eliminate the weakest link that may become a source of contamination. This is particularly important when changing recipes or cleaning detergents/procedures since conditions may change. Incorporating proven in use hygienic best practices is the smart decision. Furthermore, the risk of food-borne illnesses is significantly reduced.

Standardized pressure instrumentation in a dairy plant
Our expertise in the field

Endress+Hauser takes the critical requirements of the food industry into account during research and development of process instrumentation. We are an active member of the EHEDG, devoted to the advancement of hygienic design and food engineering.

  • Discover our proven portfolio of innovative measuring technologies and process instrumentation. All relevant measuring tasks in your process can be equipped with instrumentation according to hygienic design.

  • Learn more about the potential of suitable process instrumentation in your CIP (Cleaning in Place) process

Demands to food processing equipment

The processing and production of food requires particular sensitivity. The laws, guidelines and standards that fundamentally regulate the requirements and pursue the goal of the highest possible food safety are correspondingly strict.

Instrumentation for food processing industry in hygienic design
Our expertise in the field

Endress+Hauser’s entire hygienic product offering fulfills the food and beverage industry’s requirements.

  • Meet 3-A sanitary standards and tested according to EHEDG equipments

  • Food contact material compliant to FDA "GRAS", EU 1935/2004 and China GB4806

  • Select your instrumentation according to your application needs. We offer a wide range of hygienic process connections.

Keep your instrumentation in spec

Regular calibration is essential to assuring food quality and safety in your critical processes.

Instrument calibration to keep your process in spec
Our expertise in the field

Endress+Hauser provides timely, traceable, and cost-effective services for the food industry that are accompanied by clear and concise calibration certificates. From accurate on-site testing, to fully accredited laboratory calibration, we carry out and advise you on every aspect of instrument calibration to meet your all of your business needs.

Meet global food regulations, standards and requirements

Global requirements for food safety ©Endress+Hauser

We implement all food safety demands - from hygienic design to cleanability up to International standards.

Meet the expert

"Together we can ensure food safety and public health on a global scale."

Jürgen Ganzmann

Global Industry Manager Food & Beverage, Endress+Hauser Group Services AG


Apart from our industry expertise and broad hygienic product portfolio, we want to support our customers with valuable process knowledge. We will help you to produce safe food to ensure public health on a global scale. The promise to be a reliable partner is our goal. We strongly believe in long-lasting relationships with our customers.

  • 100%

    compliance with regulations, standards and concepts to ensure food safety.

  • >8000

    patents and patent applications from Endress+Hauser worldwide.

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