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Gateway for
measurement values
Fieldgate FXA42

Fieldgate FXA42 - Gateway for remote monitoring ©Endress+Hauser

Communication of measurement values of connected 4 to 20mA analog as well as digital field devices

Fieldgate FXA42 is developed for monitoring of field devices with digital or 4 to 20mA interface regardless of location. It supports communication interfaces like Ethernet, WLAN or cellular communication. With its integrated web server technology it can easily be configured online and measured values can be visualized online. FXA42 also offers data logging and alarm management functions.


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  • Edut

    • Level, flow and pressure visualization at the desk regardless of location

    • Simple configuration of Fieldgate and easy visualization of measured values via its integrated web server

    • Connects to SupplyCare Enterprise and SupplyCare Hosting

    • Advanced...

  • Käyttöalue

    For remote monitoring of connected 4 to 20mA analog as well as digital field devices via Ethernet, WLAN or cellular communication.

    • Measured values can be viewed with a standard internet browser

    • Configuration of measuring and transmission cycles

    • ...

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  • Function

    Ethernet/analog or binary signal Gateway for SupplyCare with integrated Web server

  • Input

    4x 4...20 mA analog

    4x digital

    Pulse counter

    Modbus TCP

    Modbus RS485

  • Output

    4x digital

    Modbus TCP

    Modbus RS485

  • Relay output signal type


  • Memory

    SD Card 1GB

  • Power supply

    24V DC

  • Dimensions (WxHxD)

    45 mm x 100 mm x 115 mm

    (1.77" x 3.93" x 4.53")

  • Communication interface




  • System requirements

    Mozilla Firefox Version 31 or newer

    Google Chrome Version 31 or newer

    Microsoft Edge

    Internet Explorer 10 or newer

    For mobile devices:

    iOS Safari 7.1 or newer

    Android Firefox or Chrome from Version 31

  • Configuration

    Via embedded web server

  • Certificates




Asiakirjat / käsikirjat / ohjelmisto

Tarvikkeet / varaosat

    • Tilauskoodi 71327395

      Fixed Antenna: LTE, GSM, UMTS, WLAN

      Fixed antenna for mounting on vertical surfaces. Cable length: 3m. Application: LTE 800MHz, LTE 2.6GHz, GSM 900/1800, UMTS, WLAN 2.4 GHz (WiMAX, WiFi). Usage: FXA30, FXA42. Indoor and outdoor use. Mounting via bracket. Omnidirectional characteristic. Radiator protected by a plastic tube. HF-cable connected directly to antenna. 10cm clearance between antenna by 15dB isolation.

    • Tilauskoodi 71327424

      HG1 Plus HART to Modbus Gateway

      Advanced HART communications module. HART to Modbus protocol conversion. For use with Fieldgate FXA42 to transfer data to SupplyCare Hosting and Enterprise. Also works with a direct connection to SupplyCare Enterprise. Usage: FXA42. Application: HART Multidrop loop communication. Modbus TCP server. Modbus RS485 slave.

    • Tilauskoodi 71327426

      Power Supply UNO-PS/1AC, 24DC/30W

      Compact power supply with high power density for compact control boxes. Usage: FXA42. Application: Primary-switched power supply for DIN rail mounting. Input: 1-phase. Output: 24VDC/30 W.

    • Tilauskoodi 71336092
    • Tilauskoodi 71363548

      HART Ethernet multiplexer head station

      Usage: modular gateway Ethernet, FXA42. Maximum 5 expansion modules. Supports Modbus TCP, HARTIP, DTM.

    • Tilauskoodi 71363561

      4-channel HART expansion module

      Consists of: screw connection, DIN rail mounting. Supply voltage: 19.2V DC - 30V DC. Usage: FXA42.

    • Tilauskoodi 71363582

      8-channel HART expansion module

      Consists of: screw connection, DIN rail mounting. Supply voltage: 19.2V DC - 30V DC. Usage: FXA42.

    • Tilauskoodi 71375710

      Analog to Modbus TCP converter

      Datexel DAT8017-I Server. Ethernet 10/100 Base-T, Modbus TCP. 8 analog inputs. DIN rail mounting. Application: Analog to Modbus protocol conversion. Galvanic isolated connection for up to 8 analog sensors with active current output. Integrated web server. Usage: FXA42.

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