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Water monitoring saves lives

Reliable process control is essential to achieve the right “fingerprint” of water.

Water is increasingly being considered a valuable product in most countries. Therefore, the acceptance for water wastage is continuously decreasing and the need to control the water quality is rising. This requires better and more reliable control of our drinking water.


  • Fast commissioning

  • Plug-and-Play-Solution for easy adaption to existing systems

  • Fast reaction to changes due to low tube size (1L/min), in combination with serial order of sensors, the amount of water is minimized

  • Best available signal stability (low drift over the long-term)

  • Cost savings due to low maintenance

  • Proved and tested, used in many solutions

High quality awareness

At ‘critical control points’ (CCPs) the water is checked to ensure the highest quality at the customers taps. CCPs are usually located at the most relevant points in the plant’s process, at the outlet and at dedicated positions in the distribution network, and used to detect hazardous situations in water production and distribution in order to begin countermeasures if necessary. Example: Water of high quality typically shows low turbidity and therefore less risk of diseases caused by germs.

Easy and reliable with drinking water analysis panels


When monitoring drinking water, reliability and high measurement performance is essential which is exactly what you will benefit from when using Endress+Hauser’s drinking water panels. Combine any measurement parameters as needed, e. g. turbidity, free chlorine, pH or conductivity.

Profit from the advantages of the Memosens technology

The intelligent and robust Memosens technology provides traceability, documentation of measurement quality as well as maximized availability. The multi-channel and multiparameter transmitter Liquiline CM44x manages all sensors simply and safely thanks to the uniform operation concept of all Memosens sensors.

Sensors for safe drinking water


Drinking water analysis panels typically contain sensors in hygienic design as follows:

  • Free chlorine: CCS142D

  • pH: Memosens CPS31D

  • Turbidity: Turbimax CUS52D

  • Conductivity: Condumax CLS21D

  • Nitrate / SAK: Viomax CAS51D

  • Dissolved Oxygen: COS21D

Keep in mind: Improved plant safety by monitoring the quality of critical control points in the plant and process can be obtained with reliable analysis panel solutions from Endress+Hauser.

Water monitoring with analysis panel solution. ©Endress+Hauser