Make your membrane filtration water treatment more efficient

Membrane based processes need to be monitored closely in order to ensure quality and availability

Seawater desalination, water reuse and other modern processes use membrane filtration water treatment technologies. They have proven to be highly reliable and are more frequently being implemented commercially. Economically speaking, the task is to find the right balance in order to obtain longer filtration system cleaning cycles all while avoiding irreversible membrane blockages or damages.

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Product safety and reliability are the two main goals in membrane filtration water treatment operations. Mechanical protection is monitored mainly by pressure and differential pressure. Flow is used as the basic process parameter. Scaling and fouling processes can be reduced by accurate quality monitoring at the inlet.

  • Precise pressure measurement

  • Quality monitoring at the inlet

Membrane filtration at a glance

Membrane filtration ©Endress+Hauser

Optimize your membrane filtration

Pressure trannsmitter in a Membrane filtration rick

Pressure measurement is essential to protect your membrane

Pressure measurement in the inlet area is important to confirm that the filtration is running well and to promptly detect pressure peaks to avoid filter damage. Pressure devices in this application must deliver long-term, reliable measurement with low drifts. Due to probable pressure peaks, a high pressure overload resistance is required. A reduced spare part requirement within the installed base is also beneficial because of the high number of pressure measurement points in the process.

Inlet quality needs to be monitored closely to avoid damage to the filters.

Inlet control customized to meet your needs

Several parameters are used to control inlet quality: pH, turbidity, chlorine, SAC, conductivity and ORP measurement. The typical requirements for quality inlet measurements are long-term reliability, low maintenance, easy calibration and documentation of the sensors. Our individually customizable analysis panels support easy commissioning and operation, and are preferably installed in a bypass. And our digital Memosens sensor technology allows a convenient calibration and documentation.

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Endress+Hauser simplifies even complicated applications with various measuring parameters thanks to our broad portfolio and our innovative technologies like Memosense that enables you to take the first step towards a digital future. This way we can not only help you ensure the availability and quality of your membrane filtration water treatment but also help you to reduce maintenance and calibration costs.

  • 40%

    longer service life of Memosens sensors

  • 250,000

    Memosens sensors installed worldwide

  • 10 million

    devices installed worldwide